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Across The Road Ministries
Find Your Israelite Roots

Welcome To Across The Road Ministries

  Believe it or not much of what is being taught today is not rooted in the scripture but is false doctrine that has evolved throughout the generations.
We don't say your pastor is lying. He is only teaching what he was taught and he believes which is in many cases is very different from what is written in your Bible.
Many people are beginning to realize this and are searching for the truth. If you are one of them G-d is beginning to work in your life. Even if you don't find anything of interest here don't give up your quest. Your future depends on it perhaps your life..

Relax and enjoy the site. We at Across The Road hope that while your here you find just one item you question and open your Bible to check it out.
As our Ministry begins to unfold we are adding to site as time permits check back often.

We are a Bible observent ministry. Which simply means if the Bible doesn't say it. It is not true even if your favorite pastor teaches it.

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